SAMPLE: Pitch to Popular Photography journalist with infographic

Sample pitch to Popular Photography journalist Stan Horaczek

SUBJECT LINE: Canon has a new external flash with auto feature for beginners

Hi Stan,

As one of the dedicated gear journalists at Popular Photography, you know that new gear that can help beginner and professionals alike is hard to come by.  Canon’s newest external flash is the first of its kind with auto intelligent technology.  Very basically, this is a flash that looks at the distance to the ceiling and the distance to the subject and chooses the best bounce angle for your shoot using this automatic technology.  This will appeal especially to entry-level photographers who might be eager to try flash photography but were too intimidated by its difficult manual technology.

External flashes can be one of the more difficult pieces of equipment to master.  Also, given that they can also be expensive, entry level photographers are less likely to invest in one until they become more experienced.  This flash is much less expensive than a typical Speedlite,  priced at $399 retail.

This new flash will do the hard work for them – it will automatically find the best lighting condition for a shoot. I think it will become a must-have piece of equipment for beginner photographers, and a great inexpensive time saver for professionals.

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